Playbook: Firedrake
Crew Reputation: Daring
Quirks: Old, it’s been around for ages and passed through many hands, could have some outdated or faulty parts.
Ship Size: Corvette
Gambits: 2

Upkeep: 1
Skips: 0/4

Systems & Modules

Comms – 1/4 []
Fake Transponder

Engines – 1/3 [ ]

Hull – 2/2 [ ] [ ]
Crew Quarters
Landing Bay

Weapons – 1/3 [ ]
Blaster Cannons

Medical Bay
Shields [ ]

Ship Gear
Land Rover
Shuttle: The Remora

Special Abilities – 2/8 playbook xp

FORGED IN FIRE: Your crew has been toughened by cruel experience. You each get +1d to all resistance rolls.

Hearts & Minds: Each crew member may add 1 action rating to Command, Consort or Sway (up to a max of 3).

XP Triggers

At the end of each session, for each item below, mark 1 xp (in your playbook or an attribute) or 2 xp if that item occurred multiple times.
- You executed a successful job that opposes Imperial dominance.
- You contended with challenges above your current station.
- You bolstered your crew’s reputation or developed a new one.
- You expressed the goals, drives, inner conflict, or essential nature of the crew.


Garin, a Golan Arms Corporation weapons engineer
Tyura, a legendary assassin
Ada Black, a famous performer (favored)
Tiko Lux, a hotshot pilot
Ibo-one, an ancient Cult mystic

Faction Status



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