The Cell

Sheet to track the Rebel cell's progress



Organization: 1 – 0/6
Your team has grown to encompass a few dozen or so people. You have enough resources to support yourself and are nearing self-sufficiency.

Power: 1 – 3/6
You’ve recruited a few allies and have put together a guerrilla gang capable of small ambushes. You have a few training yards set up in your base, and the basics of a command and control structure. Gangs and crews under your influence are organized into units and are well-armed and defended.

Influence: 1 – 0/6
Rumors of rebellion are common, but are frequently dismissed or countered with imperial propaganda. Chances are, most folk have at least heard of you, though many will not be willing to aid. A few sympathizers and supporters report on the most obvious actions the Empire take against you.


Cred: 0/6
Fuel: 1/6
Tech: 0/6


Vanderijar Kajidic
Mining Guild

Moot Decisions

Power 1: Partisans. You focus on training and equipping partisans that can go on to organize and train their own communities in the arts of sabotage and community defense.
Influence 1: Holonet. In order for the rebellion to succeed, it must win allies. You use your resources to slice into the Holonet feed the minds of civilians.
Organization 1: Bases. The rebellion needs to be able to react quickly throughout the sector and call for resources to be diverted towards setting up secret bases in different systems.


The Cell

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