Clone deserter who joined the CIS, never received Order 66


Alias: Booker
Playbook: Bounty Hunter
Look: A graying clone with a shaved head, bearing a nasty old scar on his face. His left eye, at the epicenter of that wound, appears augmented with cybernetics.
Heritage: Wanderer (Deserter)
Background: Military (Republic Army)
Vice: Weird (Bootcamp-style calisthenics regimen)

Status Trackers

Stress: 0/9

Trauma: 1/4

Level 1 harm (less effect): [ ]
Level 2 harm (-1D): [ ] / [ ]
Level 3 harm (needs help): [ ] / [ ]

Healing Clock: 0/4

Abilities & Skills

Insight – 3/4 – 0/6 xp

Hunt: 2/4
Slice: 0/4
Rig: 1/4
Study: 1/4

Prowess – 3/4 – 3/6 xp

Helm: 1/4
Scramble: 1/4
Scrap: 1/4
Skulk: 0/4

Resolve – 2/4 – 0/6 xp

Attune: 0/4
Command: 2/4
Consort: 0/4
Sway: 1/4

Special Abilities – 2/8 playbook xp

I ALWAYS GET MY MARK: When you gather info to locate a target, you gain potency. When you hide in a prepared position or use camouflage, you get +1d to rolls to avoid detection.
THE WAY: Check your special armor to trigger one of the following; reduce harm taken by 2 levelsspot hidden opponents waiting in ambush before they can attackuse a hidden weapon concealed within your armour.
DON’T GET COCKY (VETERAN): Push yourself to roll your best action rating while performing a different action. Say how you adapt your skill to this use.

Equipment & Armor

Current Load: light (3) / normal (5) / heavy (6)


[o] Fine Blaster Carbine
[o][o] Heavy Hunter’s Armor
[o] Jet Pack
[o] Fine Vibro Blade
[o][o] Disintergrator Rifle
[o] Personal Memento (Cybernetic Left Eye)
[o] Blaster Pistol
[o] Concealed Light Blaster
[o] Melee Weapon
[o][o] Flamethrower
[o] Thermal Detonator
[o] Binocs
[o] Data Slate
[o] Grapple Line
[o][o] Med Kit
[o][o] Armor
[o][o] Electro Net
[o] Repair Kit
[o] Slicing Tool

Armor Uses

Armor: [o]
Heavy Armor: [o]
Special: [o]

XP Triggers

- Every time you roll a desperate action, mark xp in that action’s attribute
At the end of each session, for each item below, mark 1 xp (in your playbook or an attribute) or 2 xp if that item occurred multiple times.
- You have tracked down a difficultly hidden item, person or place (even if it’s not captured).
- You expressed your beliefs, drives, heritage or background.
- You struggled with issues from your vice or traumas during the session.


(=) Garan, a hunter guild official
(=) Deadeye, a gunslinger
(-) Anva. a former teammate (Fellow Clone in the same unit of the Republic Army)
(+) Varex, a Black Sun fixer (helped secure Booker’s desertion and exile to the Confederacy of Independent Systems)
(=) IG-77, an assassin

Questions for Gathering Information

What’s their intention?
What might I suspect about this? What can I prove?
What’s the danger here?
How can I find ?
What’s really going on here?
Ask about a detail for a plan

Planning & Load

Assault: Point of Attack
Deception: Method
Stealth: Entry Point
Occult: Arcane Power
Social: Connection
Transportation: Route



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