Star Wars: Blood in the Water

Episode 7: Bombing the Tie Bomber

A few weeks after the heist on Affavan, the crew saw on the Holonet that the Empire and the Hutt ruling council had sealed a pact leading to the construction of a massive shipyard over Nar Shaddaa. The new station, constructed by a joint venture between Kwenn Holdings, Qunaalac Kajidic and Golan Arms Corporation, would be dedicated to the construction of a new ship prototype: the Tie Bomber.

Wishing to strike at the Empire and its lackeys in a subtle way, Tax proposed to infiltrate the construction crew and to implant a bad line of code into the program of a construction droid so the new prototype is flawed. This would allow the Empire to build a few ships before realizing the flaw and would provide a better advantage than simply stopping production or sabotaging it. It might even led to conflict between the different factions involved and chaos that could advantage the rebellion.

To get a better idea on how to strike against this new coalition, Tax visited the casino to gather some intel about the project and stumbles upon Trool Qunaalac, who after the fiasco on Affavan, has been reassigned to Nar Shaddaa to oversee the construction crews for the new shipyard. Under the influence of alcohol, graciously provided by the human fixer, the Hutt reveals many important details about Project Comet. As Tax was hitting the casino, Gearhead contacted their ally Garin, a weapons engineer working for Golan Arms. Through him, Roth learned that the guidance system of Tie fighters were usually pretty bad and easily damageable which proved to be the flaw they were searching for. Booker went into Nar Shaddaa, searching for the location of the ground factory dedicated to the assembly of droids that would be used to build the station and the ships. After a long stakeout, the clone bounty hunter was able to identify a building in the Old Duros sector as the place used by Qunaalac Kajidic to prepare the construction. The only points of entry were the main door, protected by well armed guards, the loading dock and the sewers. Fearing the consequences of a visit in Old Duros sewers and the heat that could be generated by a frontal assault, the team opted for a classic: posing as delivery men.

Using their rover, the crew loaded spare parts gathered in local scrapyards into crates while Booker took the time to search for an example of manifest that could be used to gain access to the building through the loading dock. They were welcomed by a duo of Nikto goons bossed around by a suspicious Nimbanese that was fooled by the manifest, allowing them access to the warehouse.

Under the strict surveillance of the trio of guards, Ruphus and Tax started to unload crates hiding the rest of team until Tax feinted to hurt himself, requesting assistance to get to the infirmary. This left the remaining four rebels to take of the thugs which was done by Ruphus causing a diversion using the Rover and Booker and Gearhead knocking our the Nikto cold.

The building’s interior was a vast assembly line with droids loading crates, the heat of soldering and a strong metallic odor in the background. After dismissing the Nimbanese overseer, the team moved in, discovering a group of Wookies being forced to work, chained to the floor and submitted to the strikes of a Gamorrean’s electrowhip. Even though this was difficult to watch, the team decided to finish the mission first, locating the room where the droids that would produce the guidance module for the Tie Bomber were being assembled.

With the help of Ruphus’ droid, Tax was slice into the door controls, forcing it open and quickly realizing that a Hutt and his four bodyguards were inside, looking at the key element of the project being created. Booker proposed a plan to lure the five gangsters away and to free the Wookies at the same time while the team’s slicers moved in and implanted the faulty codes into the droid’s programming.

On the factory’s lower level, Orphan, Booker and Gearhead moved against the Gamorrean guards, Booker sniping two of the three brutes with one shot of his carbine while the ex-pirate rammed the one holding the whip and slammed him into the wall. Unfortunately, one of the three adult Wookies was dead, hit by a vibroaxe to punish his resistance to an order. The attack against the guards and the liberation of the slave was sufficient to sound the alarm, leading the Hutt to send his bodyguard to investigate. Wishing to avoid a confrontation with the Hutt, a member of the Kajidic of warriors, Ruphus used the Force to influence the bossban’s decision and he finally decided to follow his enforcers down stairs.

Ruphus’s astromech once again proved his usefulness as they sliced into the main computer and implanted the faulty information in so deep that it would be very difficult to notice the fault unless a very thorough inspection was done. With the mission completed and the Wookies freed, the team quickly returned to the dock, with Booker securing the entrance to allow enough time to Orphan to tag a wall with Dragonfly Cell sign, creating a diversion to ensure their slice wouldn’t be noticed.

As Ruphus was about to start the rover to escape, the engine shut down, victim of a short, leaving them like sitting ducks, with a large group of guards coming their way. Wishing to help Ruphus and give him enough time to fix the engine, Gearhead pulled his repeating blaster from the back of the Rover and sent a volley of blaster bolts on the guards, receiving a bolt himself along the way. Thanks to his skills as a mechanic, the pilot of the Tibúron was able to temporarily fix the problem and the crew fled, covering their tracks and loosing themselves into the crowd easily.

To anyone but the most attentive investigators, the mission in Old Duros would look like an operation from Dragonfly cell to free Wookie slaves, making the sabotage of the future Tie even more subtle. They returned to the ship with their guest in tow with plenty of questions, unsure about what to do with the liberated slaves.

Payout: 0 creds
Heat: 4 (Deep Hutt Space)
Entanglement: Traitor (Qord, made a deal with the Empire against the removal of the bounties on his head.



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